Just Losing My Mind

Day 1: 5 ways to win my heart

-Go out of your way to be sweet/kind to others. I’d rather spend my time with someone who tries to be kind to everyone,not just me.
-Be funny! I love when people can make me laugh, I just want to spend even more time with you then! :)
-Be yourself! I don’t want to hang out with who you think I’d like, I want to hang out with you so just be yourself!
-Be spontaneous! Just do whatever! Go crazy! I’m a random little mess so if you’re random and spontaneous I just get really fascinated. I’m a weirdo, I know.
-Listen to me. I don’t mean do what I say all the time but pay attention to what I say. I’m always blown away when someone remembers a random fact about myself I’ve told them.

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